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Commercial Insurance

Business owners should carefully consider their Commercial Insurance needs, which offer a range of vital protection related to the business. From vehicles to property and the employees within the business, owners can safeguard their investment and lessen the risk of a scenario affecting its growth and presence. The following areas represent some of the primary Commercial Insurance needs that any business should approach.

Commercial Auto Insurance

How do you know if a business auto policy is needed, rather than a personal auto policy? If any of the following situations apply to you, commercial auto insurance may be needed:

  • One or more of your vehicles are owned, registered or titled to a business, partnership, LLC, corporation, or a Doing Business As (DBA)
  • One or more of your employees drive any of your vehicles
  • When any of your vehicles are used for delivery purposes, such as pizza, packages, flowers, newspapers, mail etc.
  • One or more of your vehicles are used for transporting passengers for a fee, such as a taxi or limousine service
  • When any of your vehicles are leased to others
  • One or more of your vehicles is used for security or surveillance
  • When any of your vehicles are used to accompany wide loads
  • If any of your vehicles exceeds 2,000 lbs. (empty) or a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 lbs. (loaded)
  • When any of your vehicles is equipped with a snowplow or cooking/catering equipment, or have permanent toolboxes installed which are used for business purposes
Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

A standard commercial general liability policy protects your business against liability claims due to bodily injury and property damage that may arise out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations. Personal injury and advertising injury are also covered on a commercial general liability policy. A CGL policy generally covers the costs of your legal defense and pays damages on your behalf, if you are found to be liable. Here are a few examples of when a CGL policy could help a business:

  • While visiting your place of business, a customer trips on a broken floor tile and is injured
  • An employee in your plumbing business accidentally leaves water running, which causes damage to a customer’s home
  • A lawsuit is filed against your business, alleging your advertisements were misleading, which damaged the other company’s reputation and caused them to lose customers
Commercial Property Insurance

A commercial property policy can protect your business against damage to your buildings and contents due to a covered cause of loss, such as fire. A commercial property policy may also cover your business from loss of income or an increase in expenses that results from the property loss. Listed below are a few examples of when a commercial property policy could help a business:

  • A person breaks into your building and steals some valuable property and equipment
  • A water pipe bursts and damages some valuable documents stored in your building
  • High winds damage the outdoor sign of your business
Workers Compensation

Workers compensation coverage can benefit you, the business owner, by protecting you from lawsuits brought by your workers who are injured on the job. This coverage also provides medical care and compensation for lost income to employees who are hurt while working, whether the injury took place on the workplace premises or elsewhere. In addition, workers compensation covers workers who are involved in auto accidents while they are on the job, as well as work related illnesses.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owners policy combines business property and business liability coverage into one convenient package. The property coverage on a BOP can cover your buildings, equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures. It can also provide coverage for the loss of accounts receivable and valuable papers & records. The liability portion of a BOP can provide protection if your company is found to be legally responsible for causing harm to a person or damages someone’s property.

Business interruption coverage is also typically included on a BOP, which covers the loss of income resulting from a covered loss that disrupts the operation of your business. A business owners policy can also include coverage for the extra expense of operating the business out of a temporary location.

Business owners can obtain quotes from several different insurance companies by using an independent agency, such as Bixler Insurance Agency. This valuable option can save you both time and money!