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Other Insurance

Most people are already well aware of their choices concerning auto and home insurance. However, not everyone is aware of some of their other insurance options. Whether you own a recreational vehicle, an all-terrain vehicle or a boat, or you would simply like to explore obtaining more liability insurance to protect your assets, most likely there is a policy available for you. Here is some basic information about some of these other insurance coverage types.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

Whether you own a self-propelled motor home, a non-motorized trailer that is towed, or a camper that is mounted on and transported by a pickup truck, it is important that your recreational vehicle is properly insured. The monetary investment in a recreational vehicle can be substantial, so you want to make sure you won't lose that large investment if disaster were to strike. Coverage for your recreational vehicle can be arranged through your independent agent at Bixler Insurance Agency. Some carriers allow this policy to be written without supporting auto or homeowner business.

Boat Insurance

Watercraft, such as inboard, inboard/outboard and outboard boats, as well as personal watercraft, such as jet skis or wave runners, can provide a lot of warm weather enjoyment. Along with this pleasure, however, there is a risk involved with owning and operating watercraft. Fortunately, watercraft and personal watercraft coverage allows you to transfer most of that risk from you to an insurance company. Whether your boat is exposed to physical damage from storms, theft, vandalism or collision with another boat or object, your independent agent can help you find a policy to meet your needs. Ask your agent with Bixler Insurance Agency about a safety course credit and about supplemental coverages that may be available to ensure your boat is protected.

Umbrella Policies

An umbrella policy gives you extra liability coverage that is above and beyond the liability limits provided on your home, car, or boat policy. One reason you may want to purchase an umbrella policy is to protect your assets, in the event that you or a permissive driver of your vehicle or boat causes bodily injury to someone. Once the liability limits on your underlying policies have been reached, your umbrella policy will be activated. Umbrella policies start at $1 million but higher limits are available.

In addition to the extra liability coverage provided, an umbrella policy may also fill in some gaps on your underlying policies. For example, an umbrella provides worldwide coverage, whereas your auto policy may only provide coverage in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

If you have any questions concerning an umbrella policy, you can speak with an agent at Bixler Insurance Agency. They will be able to provide you quotes from a number of different carriers.

Personal Articles Floater

A personal articles floater is an inland marine policy that is used to cover scheduled personal property, such as jewelry, fine arts, golf equipment, silverware, cameras, musical instruments, stamp collections, furs and coin collections. There is usually no deductible on a personal articles floater and coverage is on an all risks basis, rather than a named perils basis. Also, scheduled property can be written at its full value, rather than only up to the limitations listed on a homeowners policy.

A personal articles floater can be written as a separate policy or as an endorsement on a homeowners policy.